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Geothermal Design Center Advanced TRT Analysis Request

Requirements for Advanced TRT Data Submission

Obtaining an Advanced TRT data analysis requires uploading a spredsheet with one Row for each data sample collected, and containing the following Columns:
    - One or two columns containing the date and time of each data sample
    - One column containing the incoming fluid temperature
    - One column containing the outgoing fluid temperature
    - One column containing the electric power input, including power to the pump
    - One column containing the fluid flow rate (optional for electric heating TRT equipment)

After submission of your data, you will receive an invoice if you have not yet setup an account with us.  All data will be analyzed by specially trained Certified Geothermal Designers, with final review by a PE.  Results typically require 2-3 days before delivery. 

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About Advanced Thermal Conductivity Testing

Geothermal Design Center brings Leadership and Innovation to the Geothermal Heat Pump (GHP/GSHP) industry.  We won a Small Business Vouchers Pilot grant to have Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) validate our new breakthrough Advanced Thermal Conductivity Testing (A-TCT) method.  The effort has been a 100% SUCCESS!!  ORNL confirmed our new way to perform ground Thermal Conductivity Testing works faster and better than existing methods. Further, our new advanced methods can be used to confirm proper ground loop installation pipe and grout -- a completely new capability for the geothermal heat pump industry.  Our new A-TCT method further lowers the cost of Thermal Conductivity Testing testing by eliminating the need for an expensive generator -- stable power is no longer required!  This is an exciting development for the geothermal industry that will significantly improve the quality of Thermal Testing and lower its cost for all GHP sites -- Institutional, Commercial, and Residential.  This is just one of our several GHP Product Development efforts.

You can read the official ORNL Report on our Advanced Thermal Conductivity Testing system here.

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You can contact us at 828-772-5277, or e-mail to (with the "@" symbol).  Let us bring our experience and our association with Net Zero Energy and GHP industry leaders from all over North America to serve you.  Our focus is to build the NZE/GHP industries by ensuring quality and economical installations.